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Classification of backpacks according to their size

Small backpacks up to 15 liters, as a rule, are very popular with girls and women. Such a backpack is convenient for carrying the necessary everyday trifles, such as a cosmetic bag, tablet, wallet, even a couple of favorite books will fit. Vesnyana.com.ua offers to buy women's backpacks of excellent quality at a great price.

Medium-sized backpacks from 15 to 20 liters - city backpacks, as a rule, are a great option for those who prefer to carry all the necessary things with them. This volume of the backpack is optimal for schoolchildren, since it does not overload the child's back and allows the load to be properly distributed.

Large city backpacks (also sports backpacks) from 20 to 35 liters, as a rule, are suitable for lovers of an active lifestyle. Such a backpack is convenient for carrying a large laptop, sports uniform, change of clothes and other things, while looking stylish. https://denimgrace.com/what-beach-bag-you-have-to-choose-in-2020/

Backpacks with a volume of 35 liters or more are considered tourist backpacks. Their distinctive feature is their large volume and one large central compartment, there are many external ties for attaching camping equipment. As a rule, backpacks with a volume of 35 to 60 liters are considered small tourist backpacks and are suitable for 1-3 day trips ("weekend outings").

Backpacks with a volume of 60 liters or more are suitable for long ("mountain") hikes. These models often provide for the possibility of dividing the central compartment into several volumes (using horizontal partitions), with separate access to each of them. Some models have a specially designed frame, which is responsible for an even and comfortable distribution of the load.

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